Released 1.34.17 My Friend Of Misery

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Released 1.34.17 My Friend Of Misery

Post by iconnor » Sun Aug 09, 2020 3:04 am

Changes since 1.34.16

Oi... so much.

- fix pod2man out-of-source builds
- handle array args in daemonStatus
- Don't start filter if the command was execute
- escape more sql fields for mysql 8
- Add missing view templates for zone add/edit. Fixes 2986
- Use EncoderParams to set movflags in VideoStore. Fixes 2984
- Move the content of EncoderParams to a help popup so that we can remove the comments from it. av_dict_parse doesn't handle the hash tag as a comment.
- handle when [fid] = 0; Fixes 2994
- json decoding errors are no longer fatal
- Fix data-on-input-this using onchange instead of oninput
- Quit earlier if write fails in zms
- Dropped connections aren't really errors, make them Info. Fixes 2996
- populate monitors with monitor array which will be json-encoded. Fixes failed population of monitor names dropdown Fixes 2995
- Update code to make calls to api on remote servers fixing zma and zmcontrol not restarting
- Add foreign key MonitorId and Name validation to zone api
- Fix Zone add api. Restart zmc when adding a zone. Use validation. Fixes 2983
- consider Monitor->Controllable as well in stopping zmtrack. Don't complain about ControlCommand being told to start/stop
- memleak fixes reported by valgrind
- Fix compile on old ffmpeg
- Priming capture logs are now debug not Info
- make events table (events view) responsive
- Update state to ALARM AFTER we have opened the event, so that we get the correct event Id. Fixes 2978 Fixes 2894
- Remove args with non-sensical values from cgi params as a micro-opt
- fix some csp violations
- remove code to play a sound on alarm from zone editing. Not going to support that when editing a zone.
- Apply input limits when switching between percent and pixels. pixels must be integer, percent can be decimal.
- Introduce constructors that can be passed a linesize which is the # of bytes to use to store a line of image. This can be different from the image width * colours as it should be 32byte aligned for use with sws_scale.
- add an alignment variable to ffmpeg_camera to use wherever we want to tell ffmpeg about the buffer and linesize alignment. Figure out linesize in the constructor so that zm_monitor can pass the info along to zm_image.
- Fix crash when image width is not a multiple of 32. Fixes 2968
- Update various number inputs to take floats. Remove fixed sizes on various text inputs
- if width/height don't evaluate to an integer, set to auto. Fixes weird layout problems on montage
- Don't allow viewing of monitor setting if monitor permissions are set to View
- Don't allow viewing of zones or zone if Monitor permissions are view
- handle scale values of '' and 'auto'
- Turn close link into a button on error view
- Fix scale defaulting to monitor default Scale on cycle
- Add tooltip on Add Monitor button explaining that the user doesn't have permission to add a monitor
- Make width of content 100% instead of 96%.
- Add Log cleaning to
- Add styles for inputs on monitor view making some 100%
- Sleep 10 secs if db connection fails to reduce log spamming and load
- Don't consult EVENT_CLOSE_MODE if mode is RECORD
- zmcontrol now takes floats instead of integers for it's parameters
- Update saving Users. Don't allow restrictions on admin user. Fix CSP violations.
- Log @debug when a linked monitor is disconnected. Use ZM_MAX_RESTART_DELAY instead of hard coded 60 seconds before next reconnect attempt
- check shared_data->valid when checking if LinkedMonitor is connected Fixes 2970
- improve error message when can't connect.
Full Changelog

This release had too much. 1.34 series are only supposed to have bug fixes but the width not being divisible by 32 made this a big release because we got a lot of other stuff in there too. 1.34.18 has already been released to fix a few issues with this one and I would imagine 1.34.19 will be along soon with the fixes that didn't make it in.

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