about to build app that auto shows camera on tablet on alert

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about to build app that auto shows camera on tablet on alert

Post by wehkjl2 »

So I'm about to attempt to develop an app that will show camera on 'registered' tablets when an alert is triggered by one of the cameras.

Here's the usecase:
I will have tablets in different places around the house as part of my home automation. I want to be able to see who is at the cameras whenever an alert is fired. I want this to launch from the background if necessary and I don't want to ahve to press anything on the tablets to trigger this.

I believe the android SDK supports this:

https://stackoverflow.com/questions/297 ... background

So again the features are:
* auto pops up from alert (that is, if some other app is in the foreground, the camera view will take over much like in the same way as you getting a phonecall)
* no need to touch anything (yes screen will have to be on all the time--will think through power management strategies later)

I'm assuming ZM ninja doesn't have these features, and there are no other app solutions. I'd be happy to be told I'm wrong. Please let me know if there is a current solution, or if you see any potential issues that would make this POC non-viable.

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Re: about to build app that auto shows camera on tablet on alert

Post by asker »

Correct. ZmNinja does not do that today. Look forward to the app - I’m sure folks would find the feature useful. There have been requests for a similar ask in zmNinja but I haven’t had the time to look at a combined approach for both iOS and Android (wrapped as a cordova plugin).

With respect to feasibility I know it’s possible in android. Never tried it though. I suppose you’d want to make sure the app is not constantly streaming in the background. Maybe when it gets an alarm from the ES via push or web sockets it can auto pop to foreground and start streaming and then when it receives an alarm end it goes back.
I no longer work on zmNinja, zmeventnotification, pyzm or mlapi. I may respond on occasion based on my available time/interest.

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Re: about to build app that auto shows camera on tablet on alert

Post by MoOz »

That is a great idea
I have been looking for a feature like this

I have the tablets for home automation that mount in the wall that are POE

also a project that I tested, used the Pushover app
the only problen with that you have no control over the what camera pops up and No video
here is the project
https://www.jens.bruntt.dk/zoneminder-w ... fications/
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Re: about to build app that auto shows camera on tablet on alert

Post by kirostan »

It is a great idea, and I hope you will succeed. I would use such an application myself since I have two children and am very worried about their safety. Most often, I'm at work, and my wife is alone in the house with two children, and I'm always stressed because I can't constantly call her and ask how things are, and such an application would greatly ease my condition and anxiety for the family. I could advise you to use the service https://flipabit.dev/ to implement this idea since there is no code needed. If you create such an application, it will immediately be in great demand since people always want to protect themselves and their loved ones.
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