1.30.04-> 1.32.3 Ubuntu 18.04: "Upgrade", or de-install re-install?

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1.30.04-> 1.32.3 Ubuntu 18.04: "Upgrade", or de-install re-install?

Post by mysterylectricity » Wed Jan 30, 2019 12:25 am

Hi, running 1.30.4 on Ubuntu Bionic 18.04. Want to move to 1.32.3 for storage areas and h.264/h.265 containers.

Viewed the release notes but they are more descriptive than prescriptive.

Noticing lots of people have issues after upgrade. But of course people only post questions when they have issues.

Is the upgrade working seamlessly for large numbers of users? What's the best tutorial for initiating the upgrade, and post upgrade edits?

Or should I just tear 1.30.4 out and do a fresh install of 1.32.3? Is there a tutorial for this, ie: uninstalling 1.30.4 and the databases?

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Re: 1.30.04-> 1.32.3 Ubuntu 18.04: "Upgrade", or de-install re-install?

Post by SkippyDo » Wed Jan 30, 2019 2:27 am

I'm running Debian (have to upgrade to the development fork, "sid, to rn ZM 1.32") and after numerous stability problems I can say that I wish that I'd never tried 1.32. Right now I have NO system because I have zero confidence that it can be stable (I'm on my third system rebuild and am just burned out on all of this): for me, for Debian, I have to pull in a bunch of development code; no one seems able to help, in which case I'm either going to give up on ZM 1.32 or I'm going to revert to 1.30.4; trying to run an unstable app AND an unstable OS is a recipe for aggravation.

I would say best bet is a fresh install of everything (though for me, w/Debian, it's a fail). I suspect there's some support for Ubuntu: I'm almost tempted to switch to Ubuntu [Debian stretch and ZM 1.30.4 worked pretty well [but I struggled with interface driver problems- Intel chipset; while trying to resolve I trashed ZM, so decided to try 1.32]).

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