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Repository of DB entries

Posted: Tue Aug 06, 2019 4:55 pm
by liderbug
I'm trying to get ZM working on a RasPi w cam. - but that's a aside - sort of...
Google is a bit here, a bit there, some good, some bad and 26 different ways to install and 1200 different ways to configure a camera.

What is needed is a page where you select your OS, which will then offer a select (if needed) version, which will .....
all leading to a contributed set of "INSERT/UPDATE" sql lines.

IE. see:

NOW THEN: I need a INSERT into Monitor for a RasPi 3B+, Buster, local, /dev/video0 (std ras cam), but what da "L" do I use for Device Format, Capture Palette and several other items.

There, I've tooted. Yawl have a good day.