generate e-mail on running events

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generate e-mail on running events

Post by mchialva » Tue Jan 29, 2019 7:32 pm

Hello to everybody,
I'm working on Zoneminder v1.32 and I'm trying to get a email notice on running events. I successfully triggered emails, filtering motion detection events, when events end, but when filtering running events (I mean still under recording) no email is created. I would like to avoid delayed e-mail alerts when long events occur and to be timely informed when events longer than X seconds are being recorded. I tried to filter out running events using filters. Under "Filters" menu, I can successfully filter out running events setting:

Start Date/Time less than -1 min AND Total Score equal to 0

However I saw from the log that no matches were found and no email have been generated.
How can i solve this point? I think reducing post-event buffers can help but I'm pretty sure long events would generate delayed email alerts.
Thanks for your help!

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