New install on Debian, question

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New install on Debian, question

Post by SkippyDo » Mon Jan 28, 2019 8:05 pm

After dealing with numerous problems I've decided once again to do a fresh install of everything. I am not sure if my problems to-date have been due to running bits from Debian sid, so before I continue with the install of ZM I'd like to get some clarification.

Using ... e_Easy_Way as my installation guide, and having performed all the steps up to the installation of ZM (only bits from stretch right now), my question is regarding setting the repository sources, and picking wholesale sid updates:

Add to the end of the file:

deb experimental main
deb sid main

To install an experimental package, do:

apt update
apt upgrade (note: this will do all the updates in sid unstable!)
apt -t experimental install zoneminder
Question: Do I really have to pull in ALL the updates from sid? Seems that following the first installation I managed to pull in updates that trashed ZM (specifically mariaDB).

Is anyone successfully running ZM 1.32 on Debian sid? If not then I may just to look to bag everything until the next releases of ZM and Debian sync up.

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