to polish language

If you would like to check the status of a language, volunteer to do a translation, or highlight or correct a problem in one of the existing language files then post here.
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to polish language

Post by ALU »

Aslo I can translate to polish - instalation guide.
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Post by rdmelin »

Very good. I was planning to get the new version out in the next few days and the polish translation is still missing.

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Re: to polish language

Post by tomkolp »

Polish translation of 87%. The rest soon.
Polskie tłumaczenie 87%, przetłumaczony kawałek opcji. Mile widziana pomoc w tłumaczeniu tekst w opcjach.
Polskie tłumaczenie 87% /var/www/html/zm/lang/

+ fix umożliwiający przetłumaczenie opcji
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Re: to polish language

Post by loguky »

If you look for some help with the polish translation - you can always write me a PM.
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Re: to polish language

Post by ktara156 »

I can help also - polish translation should be also revived and improved - for now, many options are not described in PL as they should.
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