duplicated event cause text when calling pushapi script

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duplicated event cause text when calling pushapi script

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I'm trying to figure out why event cause text appeares duplicated in Zoneminder Events list
Anyone mentioned that and know where it come from ?

Here is an example from debug log when it is passed to pushapi
zm_debug.log.1339341:17/02/24 16:12:35.638825 zmeventnotification[1339341].INF [main:1009] [|----> FORK:Front Door (1), eid:183210 Executing API script command for event_end /var/lib/zmeventnotification/bin/pushapi_pushover.py 183210 1 "Front Door" "[s] detected:person:99% Kazak:100% Motion: private_entrance [s] detected:person:99% Kazak:100% Motion: private_entrance" event_end "/var/cache/zoneminder/events/1/2024-02-17/183210"]

Attached is a snapshot with Events List from Zoneminder, as well
Screenshot_2.png (14.34 KiB) Viewed 3268 times
Seems event cause is only duplicated when there is detected objects!

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