1.37.50-1.171.20240213gitg565badeaa.fc39 Broken

Current Development version likely to have breaking changes
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1.37.50-1.171.20240213gitg565badeaa.fc39 Broken

Post by marklg »

I get multiple errors like this:

SQL-ERR '00000 ', statement was 'UPDATE `Monitors` SET `Id`=?, `Name`=?, `Deleted`=?, `Notes`=?, `ServerId`=?, `StorageId`=?, `ManufacturerId`=?, `ModelId`=?, `Type`=?, `Capturing`=?, `Analysing`=?, `Recording`=?, `RecordingSource`=?, `AnalysisSource`=?, `AnalysisImage`=?, `Enabled`=?, `Decoding`=?, `RTSP2WebEnabled`=?, `RTSP2WebType`=?, `JanusEnabled`=?, `JanusAudioEnabled`=?, `Janus_Profile_Override`=?, `Janus_Use_RTSP_Restream`=?, `Janus_RTSP_User`=?, `Janus_RTSP_Session_Timeout`=?, `LinkedMonitors`=?, `Triggers`=?, `EventStartCommand`=?, `EventEndCommand`=?, `ONVIF_URL`=?, `ONVIF_Username`=?, `ONVIF_Password`=?, `ONVIF_Options`=?, `ONVIF_Alarm_Text`=?, `ONVIF_Event_Listener`=?, `use_Amcrest_API`=?, `Device`=?, `Channel`=?, `Format`=?, `V4LMultiBuffer`=?, `V4LCapturesPerFrame`=?, `Protocol`=?, `Method`=?, `Host`=?, `Port`=?, `SubPath`=?, `Path`=?, `SecondPath`=?, `Options`=?, `User`=?, `Pass`=?, `Width`=?, `Height`=?, `Colours`=?, `Palette`=?, `Orientation`=?, `Deinterlacing`=?, `Decoder`=?, `DecoderHWAccelName`=?, `DecoderHWAccelDevice`=?, `SaveJPEGs`=?, `VideoWriter`=?, `OutputCodec`=?, `Encoder`=?, `OutputContainer`=?, `EncoderParameters`=?, `RecordAudio`=?, `RTSPDescribe`=?, `Brightness`=?, `Contrast`=?, `Hue`=?, `Colour`=?, `EventPrefix`=?, `LabelFormat`=?, `LabelX`=?, `LabelY`=?, `LabelSize`=?, `ImageBufferCount`=?, `MaxImageBufferCount`=?, `WarmupCount`=?, `PreEventCount`=?, `PostEventCount`=?, `StreamReplayBuffer`=?, `AlarmFrameCount`=?, `SectionLength`=?, `SectionLengthWarn`=?, `MinSectionLength`=?, `FrameSkip`=?, `MotionFrameSkip`=?, `AnalysisFPSLimit`=?, `AnalysisUpdateDelay`=?, `MaxFPS`=?, `AlarmMaxFPS`=?, `FPSReportInterval`=?, `RefBlendPerc`=?, `AlarmRefBlendPerc`=?, `Controllable`=?, `ControlId`=?, `ControlDevice`=?, `ControlAddress`=?, `AutoStopTimeout`=?, `TrackMotion`=?, `TrackDelay`=?, `ReturnLocation`=?, `ReturnDelay`=?, `ModectDuringPTZ`=?, `DefaultRate`=?, `DefaultScale`=?, `SignalCheckPoints`=?, `SignalCheckColour`=?, `WebColour`=?, `Exif`=?, `Sequence`=?, `ZoneCount`=?, `Refresh`=?, `DefaultCodec`=?, `Latitude`=?, `Longitude`=?, `RTSPServer`=?, `RTSPStreamName`=?, `SOAP_wsa_compl`=?, `Importance`=?, `MQTT_Enabled`=?, `MQTT_Subscriptions`=? WHERE Id=?'

Reverted back to 1.37.50-1.166.20240211gitgc59835849.fc39 and it works again.

Also, the help text for the checkbox for soap_wsa compliance is unclear if checked enables or disables it.


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Re: 1.37.50-1.171.20240213gitg565badeaa.fc39 Broken

Post by ovargaspcr »

Hey Mark what the help text is trying to explain is that if you receive that particular error: Couldn't do Renew Error 12 ActionNotSupported <env:Text>The device do NOT support this feature</env:Text> you can try disabling the camera soap_wsa support (which is enabled by default as it should be) to try and get a partial implementation of ONVIF to work. Is a particular use case for some cameras that don't implement all ONVIF functions and fail with that particular subset of commands. But any ideas how to make it more clear are welcome.

About the "statement update" error, I just upgraded on both lab and production env's and I'm not getting any errors so you may want to try upgrading again...
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