Event always ends in inclusive zone

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Detlef Paschke
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Event always ends in inclusive zone

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I have set up two zones for myself. The active zone for the main area and an inclusive zone for the rest.
If I move from the active zone to the inclusive zone, the event ends even though there is still movement in the inclusive zone.
The event should still exist because the event started in the active zone and continues in the inclusive zone.

This is what my zones look like:
Zoneminder_Screenshot 2023-12-19 114651.png
Zoneminder_Screenshot 2023-12-19 114651.png (533.61 KiB) Viewed 89487 times
In the middle is the active zone and the rest is the inclusive zone. The zones are not superimposed but rather abut each other exactly.
It was a bit of fiddling. ;-)

This means I always have many short sections from a single event. Changing the pre/post event doesn't help at all.

Many greetings
Detlef Paschke
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