Huge artifacts on image

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Huge artifacts on image

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Hello, I installed zoneminder and first I assumed that that my PC was heavily CPU limited as camera send 1080p @ 15fps, but then it did same with 640x360 @ 7fps byt not so ofthen.

sometimes fractures disappear for a while if I restart PC and I noticed it did same with motion/motioneye also, could that be some FFMPEG conf.

just screen with preview
left is (lagging screen) VLC streaming same camera:

Camera is cheap Reoling E1 pro witch work perfectly with VLC, but I can only choose resolutions 1080p -> higher for main stream, and sub stream is crappy 640x360 :(

Edit: On fullHD stream saving was 720p and 640x360 saving was same as input, but sometimes 1080p output worked just fine some minutes after pc restart

Any hints where I should start to look?

Edit 2: viewtopic.php?t=29143. That sound really close to my broblem, had to check when back home

sadly I couldn't capture desktop

Edit @ second day: hint about RTMP stream didnt work, but noticed that if I restart ZM and camera same time, artefacts disappear and stays away as long as I dont touch *any* settings. if I chance function, source/TCP/ip, capture resolution, storage settings buffer or control settings, stream starts to bleed and break and randomly gets fixed.

But it seems to need both of those restarted, if I just restart camera, bleeding returns.
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