Weird - 6am 6pm Section Length Changes

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Weird - 6am 6pm Section Length Changes

Post by MJim » Tue Apr 06, 2021 6:53 pm

Hello all. Using 1.34.23 on Ubuntu Server 20. Have been using ZM on
various platforms for many years.

I didn't notice exactly when this weird issue started, but my normal
900 second section length gets IGNORED from exactly 6am-7am
and again 6pm to 7pm. In those timeframes I get 60 second
segments. Otherwise I get the regular 900 second section.

Sounds like a "math issue" of some kind.

Have min section length also set to 900, mostly because a
couple of the cams are wireless and can drop out for a few
seconds every so often and I don't want new sections every
time that happens. Made a few tweaks to a .pl file yesterday
to try and make things more forgiving of dropouts too - but
the above 6am/6pm problem already existed.

Running 9 IP cameras, no problems, CPU use within reason at
1-FPS, skipping 2 frames during recording to MP4, don't need
motion detection so the analysis is set for 1-FPS (which cut
down ZMA cpu usage). "Record", not "Mocord".

Having so many cameras I'd really REALLY rather not re-install.
It isn't a critical issue for me, just weird.

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