Released 1.34.11 My Friend Of Misery

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Released 1.34.11 My Friend Of Misery

Post by iconnor » Sat May 02, 2020 4:57 pm

# Changes since 1.34.10

- actually fix Google reCaptcha by not loading mootools on login page #2918
- Fix PTZ buttons
- fix default scale viewing live stream
- fix login redirect using palemoon browser
- fix saving label size saving monitor
- fix ajax multi-server auth when auth_relay is none or plain
- fix adding WebSite Monitors
- Don't warn about lack of image for WebSite Monitors
- Fix build on older distros like ubuntu trusty
- Fix memory leaks in zm_eventstream
- Allow viewing of mp4-saved in progress events
- Speed up thumbnail preview (4x)
- Support event_close_mode for record mode (with linked monitor)
- fix sending start/stop/quit to zmcontrol process
- Provide a more useful error message when the monitor's function is set to NONE
- code quality improvements, small performance improvements, ram use reduction
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