No red outlines around motion alerts

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No red outlines around motion alerts

Post by warlord » Thu Mar 26, 2020 4:52 pm

I am running ZM 1.34.1 on FC31 and I have everything configured as I think it should be in order to get analysis frames with outlines. I've got Options/Config CREATE_ANALYSIS_IMAGES checked. I've got monitor/general / Analysis FPS set to 5.00. I have monitor/storage / Save JPEGs set to Frames + Analysis images (if available) and Video Writer set to H264 Camera Passthrough.

When I get an event it doesn't matter where I go. I've tried going to "Frames" and clicking on an alert frame. I've tried going to Stills and clicking on an alert frame. Nowhere do I see the red outline around motion.

I've been searching and trying different options/configs but I'm at a loss for what I need to do.

I saw there was a code bug back around 1.30, but I assumed that's been fixed by now.

Is this a 1.34 regression? Should I upgrade to 1.34.5 which appears to now be available? Would that fix it?


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