Zone type for keeping alarm going, but not starting it?

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Zone type for keeping alarm going, but not starting it?

Post by GeorgeDuckett » Thu Feb 13, 2020 8:23 am


I've had a look at the zone types and think I understand each, however I can't quite work out if I can't quite do what I want, or whether it is possible.

I have a camera pointed at a driveway. Often I'll get people walk across the path at the end where their shadow extends partially down the drive, which I don't want a notification for. To handle this I've got a zone only covering the portion of the drive that doesn't get shadows (close to the house). Ideally I'd like the alarm to extend to cover them walking away and back up the drive (maybe just for my ocd) without having to rely on the setting that allows me to always extend the duration of an alarm. If there was a zone type that could trigger and sustain an alarm only if there already was one, then I think that would be what I'm after. This sort of sounds like what the zone type Inclusive does, however my understanding is that an alarm there on its own, even immediately following an alarm from another alarmed zone isn't enough to extend it out.

I'd also ideally like to something simiar to the above, but the other way round (i.e. a zone can start ZM recording, in anticipation of another zone trigging an alarm; if no other zone does then the recorded footage is ignored, but if it does then the alarm duration would start from the zone that triggered the recording).

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