ZM Event Server Stops Working After Several Hours Running

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ZM Event Server Stops Working After Several Hours Running

Post by Stiglet » Sun Nov 10, 2019 8:24 pm

Hi All,

I'm new to ZM and new to Linux so learning as I go.

I have setup an Ubuntu Server running 18.04, ZM 1.32.3, with ZM Ninja and ES. All works great and I love this app. Excellent work by all involved and thank you for this contribution to home security!

My problem is that after a few hours (overnight, for example) notifications to the mobile app stop working. I restart Zoneminder on my Ubuntu server (systemctl restart zoneminder) and everything starts working again just fine. When it's working, I can force an alarm and the notification appears on my Android phone straight away. When it stops working, I can test to see if ZMES is still working, and it says it is ( status, but when I force an alarm I get no notifications through to mobile.

A bit of googling tells me this problem occurred with earlier iterations of ZM, but it was fixed.

Is this still a known problem?

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