multi-server / zmninja died

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multi-server / zmninja died

Post by dougmccrary » Sat Nov 09, 2019 3:16 am

1.33.14 on Ubuntu 18.04
I had the FireFox fixes in place, but when the multi-port got working, I went to Chrome.
The multi-port thing was working with Chrome browser from late August thru September.
Checked for and installed revisions on daily basis, no problems, until maybe 3 weeks ago, when it started back with the 6 monitors max deal. I did not do anything, but verified everything I knew to, including MIN_STREAMING_PORT, set to 30000.
I didn't get excited about it, because whatever problem I've had in the past was usually fixed in the next build.
I don't actually use zmNinja, BTW.

So, is it just me?
If it is, should I just re-install, or?


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