No analysis, no trigger events?

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No analysis, no trigger events?

Post by GordonS » Mon Aug 12, 2019 2:15 pm


I've been struggling with this for a few days and still make virtually zero progress. Hopefully someone can point me in a sensible direction.

I have an IP camera which appears in the console OK and which when I click on its name shows me the live view and the list of 'events'. These are almost always listed a frames: number/0 and score 0/0, almost irrespective of what I do with the zones.

I have two zones, the 'all' zone and a reduced zone within that, they're both 'active' and for the present set to the medium/fast preset.. Both contain passing vehicle traffic, so both contain movement.

If I look on console I see what I believe may be numbers of events, or number of event-capture videos.

I have it set to store analysis frames.

But ... I have lots of videos stored that report only "Continuous" as the cause of the event, with zerof from alarm-frames and scores.
I have a very small number that show "Motion: all, myZone" (presumable where I had both active) and a few where it reports just "Motion: myZone", where presumably I had "all" inactive or one of the other event types. All of those have numbers in the "Alarm Frames" and "... score" column.

If I replay these Motion videos, some have red ticks along the bottom, presumably indicating motion-detect events, but there are far fewer of those that the number of passing vehicles. During this I have had hundreds of vehicles pass, but only 13 events.

Also through all of that, I have only two analysis images saved.

I'm now really rather beginning to despair how on earth I get this working properly.

Can anyone advise, please?


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Re: No analysis, no trigger events?

Post by operat0r » Tue Aug 13, 2019 4:38 am

Kind of hard to follow...but when I saw the word 'car' makes me think the "alarm threshold" fast moving things with no alerts ...?

take a look at ... nitor.html mainly "Alarm Frame Count" ?

it's been so long .. I have some notes on my google docs that may help "Zoneminder Add" section ... 2L3dZWiqQY

I would disable your current 'source' create a new one with no zones and try to make it noisy and sensitive as possible and then dial back from there ? maybe post screenshots of you source config and/or compare them to default/mine

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