2nd NIC for ONVIF cameras

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2nd NIC for ONVIF cameras

Post by skydiver » Thu Jul 04, 2019 7:42 am

I am in the process of retiring a 14 year old bttv capture card that I have been using with ZoneMider since 2005. I am starting to acquire ONVIF capable POE and WiFi cameras.

In preparation for this, I created a new SSID for only CCTV camera use and added a second NIC on the ZM server to allow all the IP cameras to communicate to ZM without allowing the cameras direct access to the local LAN or the internet.

When in zoneminder I try to probe for the ONVIF cameras, I do not think that it is probing on both the NICs. I habve a different brand ONVIF IP camera on the ZM LAN networj that ZM finds, but it doesn't find the camer on the CCTV network NIC.
Is there a way to tell ZM the network where to search for IP cameras?

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Re: 2nd NIC for ONVIF cameras

Post by Ronaldmc » Wed Jul 10, 2019 5:03 pm

With outside installation remember safety, codes, etc. Shade tree installs running unshielded cat5 in attics and buried/running up posts/trees, etc. are an insurer's nightmare. Im using safe hardware and soft eyecam. I have 5 cctv cameras https://www.eyerideonline.com/ around my fleet station.

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