Arduino Motion Sensor w/ZMTrigger

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Arduino Motion Sensor w/ZMTrigger

Post by snake » Fri Aug 10, 2018 4:55 am

Here's a Arduino Uno sketch that works via ZMTrigger. I've named it ZMHW Modector. PCBs for an Arduino shield included, with minimal 0.1" headers for quick assembly. Uses ENC28J60 and HFS-DC06H Microwave Sensor.

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old/archive link:
I included documentation that explains what progress I've made on this. I've tried PIR sensors, and also IR Diode Emitter / Receiver pairs. I find the RF detector the best.

You'll see that I was forced to use two different walls and got around this by putting the sensor at a 90 degree angle in one wall via a drilled hole in a project box. It's somewhat laborious to wire these, as you are putting two outlets in, but it works 100% when installed. More details in the repo.

2018/08 - Original post.
2019/11 - New repo, and gerbers added, edited description.
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