Convert stand alone to multi server

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Re: Convert stand alone to multi server

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After doing more testing I found this. If you have ZM_SERVER_HOST set to an entry in the Servers table the web app, when you click on a monitor's name on the main page, will generate the html for the streaming video that has in the <img> tag src="https://<server_host_field_from_servers_table>/cgi-bin-zm/nph-zms?mode=jpeg&amp;scale=75&amp;maxfps=5&amp;buffer=1000&amp;monitor=5&....(a bunch of other stuff)". So the only way this will work is if the <server_host_field_from_servers_table> is the external ip address that you use to connect to ZoneMinder. This is the only IP address that the browser has access to. Localhost or any other local ip address will not work. If your second server does not have an external IP address then you can't get to it.

Am I wrong in this theroy?
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Re: Convert stand alone to multi server

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Pretty much right, however you can configure that host that you have access to to act as a reverse proxy for internal zm servers. Then it's just a matter of internal vs external dns.