How to post ZmNinja problems

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How to post ZmNinja problems

Post by asker » Sat Sep 03, 2016 11:07 am

  • Post in this forum if you have questions. If you are sure you have discovered a bug, please create a zmNinja issue
  • Read the zmNinja FAQ. Most of your problems are answered there
  • Please make sure ZoneMinder is working first and all feeds are visible.
  • Please make sure APIs in ZoneMinder are working. This involves opening a browser on your desktop, going to

    Code: Select all

    - if that doesn't report a version, you have a problem. Post in the ZM forums first (such as ZM 1.30 forum etc)
  • Always make sure your zmNinja DEBUG logs are on before posting logs (enable it in zmNinja developer settings)
Please don't ask me questions via PM. Feel free to post in the forums or Github

Please read before posting:
How to set up logging properly How to troubleshoot and report - ES
How to troubleshoot and report - zmNinja
ES docs
zmNinja docs

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