Auth_relay "none" -> zmview App crashes?

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Auth_relay "none" -> zmview App crashes?

Post by fips » Mon Jun 22, 2015 11:44 am

Hello Guys,

I am fighting very much with my Zoneminder setup.
Its very slow and as soon I want to have a live view of my 2 cameras it stuck quite often and show a blue question mark.

Anyway I have a question about Auth Relay, as soon as I switch to "none".
I don't get (that often) "Unable user authentication" messages and I can access live view easier (It doesn't stuck that often).
BUT my iOS zmview App crashes as soon as I click to connect to that server.

If I switch back to Auth Relay "hashed" zmview App works fine, but i get a lot of "unable user authentication" messages.

Very stupid...

Is there a proofed way how to use the App and the see live stream?



My System:
Debian 7.8
ZM: 1.25.0
2 Cameras (Edimax IC-3115W) connected via http using ffmpeg

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