Cam won't work | exit status 6 | Failed to set video format

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Cam won't work | exit status 6 | Failed to set video format

Post by Arjenlodder » Wed Aug 17, 2011 2:55 pm

Somehow it was the new pci usb-card that bugged. Reïnstalled it and now it works...
Kinda odd.

Hey guys.

Os: Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal
Zm: Zoneminder v1.24.2 (from the package manager)
Cam: Sweex WC150 series

The cam simply won't work in ZoneMinder, it (the source) turns from orange to red to orange to red... And when i click it it won't work.
The cam does work in luvcview.
Info and debug below:

Cam info

Code: Select all

root@arjen-desktop:~# zmu -q -v -d /dev/video1 -U admin -P admin
Video Device: /dev/video1
General Capabilities
  Driver: uvcvideo
  Card: WC150 Series Bunch of Fruit Web
  Bus: usb-0000:03:02.2-3
  Version: 1.0.0
  Type: 0x4000001
    Supports video capture (X)
    Does not support video output
    Does not support frame buffer overlay
    Does not support VBI capture
    Does not support VBI output
    Does not support sliced VBI capture
    Does not support sliced VBI output
    Does not support video output overlay
    Does not have tuner
    Does not have audio in and/or out
    Does not have radio
    Does not support read/write i/o (X)
    Does not support async i/o
    Supports streaming i/o (X)
    YUV 4:2:2 (YUYV) (YUYV)
Crop Capabilities
  Bounds: 640 x 480
  Default: 640 x 480
  Current: Cropping is not supported
Inputs: 1
  Input 0
    Name: Camera 1
    Type: Camera
    Audioset: 00000000
    Standards: 0x0
    Power on  (X)
    Signal detected  (X)
    Colour Signal detected
    Horizontal Lock detected

Code: Select all

08/17/2011 16:44:29.062327 zmdc[4504].INF [Starting pending process, zmc -d /dev/video1]
08/17/2011 16:44:29.063381 zmdc[4504].INF ['zmc -d /dev/video1' starting at 11/08/17 16:44:29, pid = 4870]
08/17/2011 16:44:29.119714 zmdc[4504].ERR ['zmc -d /dev/video1' exited abnormally, exit status 6]

Extra debug
Sometimes this:

Code: Select all

08/17/11 16:39:29.141903 zmc_dvideo1[4809].DB1-zm_monitor.cpp/1814 [Loaded monitor 3(ToBeDetermined), 1 zones]
08/17/11 16:39:29.141913 zmc_dvideo1[4809].INF-zmc.cpp/188 [Starting Capture]
08/17/11 16:39:29.141968 zmc_dvideo1[4809].DB3-zm_local_camera.cpp/349 [Opening video device /dev/video1]
08/17/11 16:39:29.142015 zmc_dvideo1[4809].DB2-zm_local_camera.cpp/355 [V4L2 support enabled, using V4L2 api]
08/17/11 16:39:29.142023 zmc_dvideo1[4809].DB3-zm_local_camera.cpp/360 [Checking video device capabilities]
08/17/11 16:39:29.142039 zmc_dvideo1[4809].DB3-zm_local_camera.cpp/370 [Setting up video format]
08/17/11 16:39:34.138492 zmc_dvideo1[4809].FAT-zm_local_camera.cpp/386 [Failed to set video format: Input/output error]
08/17/11 16:39:34.138752 zmc_dvideo1[4809].INF-zm_signal.cpp/64 [Got signal 6 (Aborted), exiting and forcing backtrace]
And sometimes instead of the "Input/output error" i get the famous: "Invalid argument".

Zoneminder settings

Extra info
I've got another cam running correctly, it works great. (Logitech C500).
And i had to adjust the shmal and shmmax settings, so that not the problem i guess.

This cam is running on another USB bus than the other cam.

Thank you
Thank you for reading this, help would be greatly appreciated.
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