Watchdog version 1 ready for download.

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Watchdog version 1 ready for download.

Post by hushpuppy » Thu Oct 04, 2007 3:59 pm

All the bugs found in the beta versions have been fixed.

Download from

Watchdog is a live cd and includes a fully working zoneminder (1.22.3).

Put the cd in, boot the pc, and a few minutes later you should have a working zm system with one camera.

During bootup you will see a message telling you that pup_216.sfs is being read, this can take quite a while, basically a 215 mb file has to be read from the cd and copied to memory, please be patient during this process.

The system should boot you straight into x-windows with mozilla showing the zoneminder console.

On some systems you might have to start zm from the console.

If you dont get an x window, simply type "xorgwizard" (without the quotes then press enter) and watchdog will attempt to build a suitable configuration file for your display.

If youre not happy with the current display clcik on the Menu button, select Sutdown/exit to prompt, and follow the instructions above.

If your display is garbled, press the CTRL ALT and BACKSPACE keys together and the x server will be killed, then follow the instructions above.

Have fun

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