ViewingSource Option?

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ViewingSource Option?

Post by jurzdevil »

I'm running 1.37.51 and in the Analysis & Recording settings tabs there is an option to set the source for each to either primary or secondary stream from the monitor. On the viewing tab there is no such option i see. Is this possible somewhere else without adding the substream as its own monitor?

I have janus running well to view but the new Annke 4k cameras i got a good deal on only do H265 for the main stream, MJPEG for the substream. I'm only using ZM to record continuously, system isnt powerful enough to handle the encoding so just for convenience in ZM id like to use the substream for a live view. Recording and playback of the H265 video works just fine which is all i need.
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Re: ViewingSource Option?

Post by IgorA100 »

This hasn't been implemented yet :(
But you can join and modify the code
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