How to mark Topic 'Solved'

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How to mark Topic 'Solved'

Post by efranzwa »

I am somewhat new to this forum as well as phpBB and was wondering if there is a preferred or correct method to mark issues as solved once someone (or the summation of the previous replies) has provided the answer to the original issue being asked about?

Checking through the various sections and topics I have found that it is not clear when things have been solved. I see a only a few topic subjects that have added a prefix or suffix [SOLVED] but many topics seem to be solved but yet are not marked as such.
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Solved:Re: How to mark Topic 'Solved'

Post by dougmccrary »

Just edit the subject, I guess...
And it's true most topics never get marked solved. I suppose it's mostly up to the OP to do so, and if they don't...
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