Add Wifi Camera using app

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Add Wifi Camera using app

Post by jothim92 »

Hi Team

I bought Wifi camera from amazon.See Below link

Machsmart 12MP HD Wireless WiFi Outdoor PTZ Security Camera with Full-Color Night Vision Two-Way Audio Cloud Storage ALART SIRAN Motion Detection ... UTF8&psc=1

This camera supports only the apps in link below.

applink: ... eo.v380pro ... mera&hl=en ... athome.avs

We need this kinda feature to be developed in zminja app which can add the wifi camera to zm server without breaking our heads.
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Re: Add Wifi Camera using app

Post by dougmccrary »

I disagree.

Q3 in the Q&A for the camera:


I want install this in nvr is it possible?
Not this model. Purchase onvif model.
By MachSmart® Seller on 2 August, 2021

ZM does onvif, so buy onvif cams.
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Re: Add Wifi Camera using app

Post by tonyp »

There are also ONVIF wifi cameras. I bought a Laxihub M1 recently and ended up having to use the proprietary app to get it first setup. This app required making an account and agreeing to all sorts of permissions that really didn't seem to be necessary to set up a camera. After this initial phase, investigation with onvif device manager and a bit of pain, I have it now running on ZM.

In order to get it onto the wifi network, it required showing a QR code generated by the app to the camera. It doesn't seem like the standard WiFi sharing QR code. The format is:

Code: Select all

s:"<SSID/network name>",p"<password>",t:"<?>"
The t field was the only one I couldn't exactly work out its function. I think it may be setting the timezone. I live in the Netherlands and it started NL-001 and then 9 alphanumeric characters. It was not the time encoded as was the same 2 days later. Also don't want to post it here just in case it is a checksum or encoded location (as required location permissions to make QR).

Anyway have no idea how generic this sort of WiFi IP camera set up is, but if it is more than this one model of camera, it would be nice to set it up in a way that it doesn't require apps that request full access to your life story in order to set them up.
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Re: Add Wifi Camera using app

Post by galileofigaro99 »

Hey there! Congrats on your new wifi camera! Looks like a great purchase. So you're looking for apps to use with your camera? Have you tried the ones suggested in the link you shared? If not, I'd recommend checking them out first. Also, consider using a third-party app to connect to your camera. There are several apps available on both the App Store and Google Play that allow you to connect to and control WiFi cameras from various manufacturers.
There are a lot of great ones out there, some even with advanced features like Smart Engines OCR for text recognition.
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