Network setup advice

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Network setup advice

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I am seeking advice on how to best utilize what I currently have to isolate all cameras from the world and only allow them to communicate with Zoneminder while still exposing their admin interfaces to the main LAN.

I drew a diagram of what I’m envisioning, and it incorporates 3 different setup options. If anyone is aware of additional options, I would love to hear them. I’m not a networking expert, but I have enough knowledge to handle most of this stuff with some guidance.
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I have a DD-WRT router I could utilize to handle more advanced firewall and VLAN stuff if I wanted. I also have a second NIC on the Ubuntu box.

Option A puts all the cameras behind the DD-WRT router, which would be connected to the main router, but I still need to get through to them via the main network (wifi or LAN)

Option B is the same as A but with the DD-WRT router connected to the second NIC on the box

Option C bypasses the second router and runs the POE switch straight to the second NIC - but now I don’t have an isolated wifi connection for Cameras 6 and 7.

Hopefully this all makes sense! I just wanted some fresh opinions on what I can do here, or what you’d do given the same collection of devices.

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