Problems with ZM v1.32.3 and Digoo cameras

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Problems with ZM v1.32.3 and Digoo cameras

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I installed this version on an RP4 8GB about a year ago but it never worked reliably and was a big disappointment, so I am considering repurposing the RPI now they are unobtainable.

The first problem I encountered was that ZM doesn't seem to be able to keep up with three cameras. I had to drop the resolution to 640 by 480 but it still gets a few incomplete frames running at 25fps. These start off as correct video at the top and then turn into rainbow strips lower down the screen as it seems to lose byte synchronization. It would be tolerable except that it triggers a recording, so 99% of the triggers are false.

I am surprised this version is end of life just a year later but I could scrap it an install the latest if it would fix this problem. When it gets an incomplete frame I think it it should discard it and show the next one instead of displaying it and then triggering a recording. Would the latest version do this?

Is an RPI4 not really up to the job? I have a Digoo recorder that records them without issues and it only has a small SBC which I doubt is a powerful as an RPI4. The only problem is it records continuously, it won't trigger on motion. If ZM triggered reliable I could review the hires recoridering on the Diggoo box from the timestamp but I had originally planned to replace the recorder with ZM.

The other issue I have is it stops responding after a few days and needs a power cycle. I don't know if that is software or hardware. If have just connected it to a more beefy PSU to see if that was the issue.

So my question is am I wasting my time trying to get this to work properly or have these issue been addressed in later versions? Is an RPI4 simply not powerful enough to monitor 3 cameras at 25 fps VGA res?
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Re: Problems with ZM v1.32.3 and Digoo cameras

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Um 1.32.3 was release in 2018.

We have no resources to support anything but the latest version. You must be running at least 1.36.*

a PI4 is definitely capable.

Paid support is available to make it work for you.
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