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Post here to ask any questions about hardware suitability, configuration in ZoneMinder, or experiences. If you just want to know if something works with ZoneMinder or not, please check the Hardware Compatibility sections in the forum, and the Wiki first. Also search this topic as well.
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Annke >> Wifi >> PC Viewing

Post by Dinosaur »

Hi All

Newbie here.

Before I download and test ZoneMinder I would like confirmation that what I am trying to do is possible.
By providing as much info as possible, I hope to get informed answers.
So, here goes.

The Gear:
1 x Annke 8 channel DVR (DW81KD)
2 x Annke 16 Channel DVR
2 x Wifi Router (one in repeater mode)
2 x PC's with Win 10 (at the moment, Linux preferred)
Guarding Vision Software on PC's

The Layout:
Each DVR has a hdmi Monitor attached.
Each DVR has Cat5 to either Wifi Router or direct to TP-Link CPE-220.
One PC has Cat5 to TP-Link AC1750
One PC has Cat5 to TP-Link WR841N Wifi Router.
The network is purely local, NO internet connection.
There are about 32 Smart switches and Alarms on the same Network, but once set
they don't produce any traffic.

The Purpose:
The system is in a fairly large Museum / Historical Village.
Volunteers should be able to see every camera in 2 locations.
Each location has a DVR with Monitor attached and a PC with two monitors, getting the other 2 DVR's by Wifi.
The DVR's record continuously, but the additional PC's/Monitors are only viewed for about 4 hours per day.
Replay of the recorded video is done via the DVR.

The Problems:
Unreliable display of all camera's, particularly if NOT using single screen.
Can't prevent the Annke from transmitting channels that are not used, although Guarding vision allows me to delete them.
Can't resize the camera screens to suit requirements.

What I have tested.
Did a Speed test on a system as installed.
82 Mbps Dowload, 16 Mbps Upload.
One Router is 300Mbs and the other is 450Mbs on 2.4Ghz.
According to Annke, each camera requires 1.4 Mbps
So, even if I had all cameras connected it would be 40 x 1.4 = 56 Mbps.
At the moment I only have one PC and one DVR connected and I already have frequent black screens.

What I don't know
What would be the ideal Router settings.
What is the protocol being used on the Cat5
Will ZoneMinder connect and interpret the data.

Thanks for at least reading this.


EDIT: Clicking on Reading the "Hardware Compatibility" gives me 404 error.
EDIT: The Monitor attached to the DVR's never miss a camera, the problem only happens after Wifi.
Also the PC is dedicated to running DVR management, there is nothing else on it and priority for the Guarding Vision is set to High.
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Re: Annke >> Wifi >> PC Viewing

Post by deontaeschuster »

The prices of Wyzecam's solutions are fairly reasonable considering what they offer. Even though they are intended for use indoors, many individuals have taken to utilizing them outside without any problems. They have also recently released a beta firmware that enables rtsp, which will allow you to link the camera to your own NVR such as Blue Iris or Ispy basketbros
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Re: Annke >> Wifi >> PC Viewing

Post by dougmccrary »

Unreliable display of all camera's, particularly if NOT using single screen.
I gather dropouts of some cameras, probably random?
If you can use 5ghz, try that.
Either way regarding wifi, suggest an Android phone and wifiAnaylizer (the open source one) to get an idea about signal strength and interference.
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