account_circle, add_circle and other display issues

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account_circle, add_circle and other display issues

Post by ZonedOut » Wed Mar 17, 2021 12:59 am

I see posts with similar issues but none seem to apply to the following:

Logging in with a local IP everything is fine.

Logging in externally I see "account_circle" instead of the user logo. Once logged on there are various similar placeholders (eg add_circle) and the display is generally messed up. However I can access zoneminder externally with zmninja which is fully functional.

As a side note: My apache config redirects all http traffic to https (or at least I think it does as an http url is successfuly changed to https on external access). However certbot renewal works, but I thought it needed to be excluded redirection. Anyway I mention this (otherwise off topic) in case it has any bearing on the problem. It may also be worth noting the local zoneminder access requires me to add a certificate exception.

I can t see the above could be linked to my issue, but hopefully someone can point me down the right path.
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