Time to Next event on playback

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Time to Next event on playback

Post by basketcase » Wed Apr 22, 2020 10:18 am


All my cams are on Mocord, so there's always recordings but often on playback I receive a black screen and Time till next event approx 158XXXXXX it's always a full number and it does tick down. Sometimes the playback resumes, sometimes not. Really hit and miss and I can't see a pattern to it, only the hundred and fifty million odd seconds are pretty consistent.

I found some old posts on a similar error but they were about the Time till next event = 1 Second, or not having gapless playback set.

I have my replay set to gapless events, but as mentioned I record the whole stream anyways which is clear when doing montage review or sliding through timeline there are no gaps in recording... Any ideas of what to check or test next?

On version 1.34.9 on Ubuntu 18.04

playback "All Events" - same deal
no logs that indicate an issue
can happen speeding up playback, slowing it down in both fwd and reverse
doesn't appear related to load, server isn't too stressed about 20-30% duty
can be a week old playback or something recorded in the last playable event


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