Setting up Zoneminder for the first time

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Re: Setting up Zoneminder for the first time

Post by mikb » Fri Sep 28, 2018 4:54 pm

> I'm not being able to change network settins(as the ip address assigned to the camera doesn't even fall under my subnet

Do you know what the IP address is? Or is it just "not discovered on my subnet, therefore must be foreign"?

I recall having something like this with a newly supplied item (and zero clue as to where the IP address had been set -- something not in 192.168.0.X).

My solution was to disconnect my PC from the network, connect a single cross-over cable to the device, one-to-one. And then turn on tcpdump (or some similar packet dumping software). It's not long after power on that it will bleat out some kind of "is there someone there? Windows Workgroup? What's my DNS? Where's my NTP time server? How do I contact China?" packet :) Then you get to see the IP address.

Now you can temporarily change your subnet to match, talk to it, configure it properly, and ... immediately lose contact as it's now gone over to your proper subnet, and you're still on a temporary one. Flip your subnet back, plug everything together properly, and pray.

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Re: Setting up Zoneminder for the first time

Post by zmuser2018 » Sat Sep 29, 2018 12:59 pm

thank you mikb, what your suggesting sounds good (although I need to understand how to achieve what you're saying), I'll try to search what techniques I can use to switch subnets and take it from there.

I do know what the IP address of the camera is, when I turn on ivms-4200 and click on show online devices, it does show my cctv camera and the ip address is something like 172.66.299.***, which is not under my subnet(192.168.0.* will be my subnet)

Let's say I can change the ip address of the camera, wouldn't I still require the password?(it seems like to access the camera through an rtsp url, you need login credentials as well) hikvision can't provide those and I don't know what i can possibly do now.

ps:I am running all my tests on a mac

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Re: Setting up Zoneminder for the first time

Post by Paranoid » Sat Sep 29, 2018 1:37 pm

The HikVision URL is usually something like this:

Code: Select all

Use /101/ for channel 1 and /102/ for channel 2.

If you want to test it then you should be able use that URL with ffplay or VLC or some other video player.

I have a HikVision bullet carmera (different model) and use the following settings:

Code: Select all

Remote Protocol: RTSP
Remote Method: RTP/RTSP
Remote Host Name: user:password@
Remote Host Port: 554
Remote Host Path: Streaming/Channels/102/
Target colorspace: 24 bit color
Capture Width: 352
Capture Height: 288
Preserve Aspect Ratio: False
Orientation: Normal
Deinterlacing: disabled
Use RTSP Response Media URL: True
I'm currently using an older version of ZM so there might be a couple of differences.

HikVision provide a tool that allows you view and change some basic settings such as IP address. Its called SADP and you can find it here:

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Re: Setting up Zoneminder for the first time

Post by rockedge » Thu Dec 06, 2018 3:10 pm

there may be a reset button external but more than likely internal that a hard reset to factory defaults would be possible. here is a link to what may work for you...
https://support.wrightwoodsurveillance. ... logging-in

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Re: Setting up Zoneminder for the first time

Post by security_dude » Tue Dec 11, 2018 6:01 am

Hi, just set your pc ip to the same subnet and you should be able to connect to it while you have it powered on by a poe switch. There should also be a tiny button inside the camera on the circuit board that you can hold down for 30 seconds and it should factory reset it. Make sure the camera is powered up while doing so though and also be careful to not short out anything while doing the process.

PS, some cameras will accept admin and no password even though it is supposed to be admin/admin.

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