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Arduino Infrared Tripwire w/ZMTrigger

Posted: Fri Aug 10, 2018 4:55 am
by snake
Here's an Uno sketch for an ENC28J60 and an infrared diode tripwire that I setup recently. I prefer hardware to do my motion detection as when done right there are no false alarms, and no monitor configuration.

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archive link:
I've tried a bit with the HB100 microwave sensor, and also with the PIR sensors. No luck with the former, and limited luck with the latter (they work where there is no sunlight, for the cheapest modules. I can't seem to find much on software solutions that block ambient light changes in FOSS world for PIR modules...). I've moved on to infrared tripwire sensors which so far I am happy with.

I included some documentation and pictures of my setup. You'll see that I was forced to use two different walls and got around this by putting the sensor at a 90 degree angle in one wall via a drilled hole in a project box. It's somewhat laborious to wire these, as you are putting two outlets in, but it works flawless when installed. More details in the repo.


Re: Arduino Infrared Tripwire w/ZMTrigger

Posted: Wed Nov 28, 2018 7:05 am
by snake
I've posted a preliminary release for this sketch. I've boiled down a hardware modector as needing the following:
  • Hardware Motion Detection
  • Internet Connection
  • Web Server with Status page
  • Web Client to connect to ZM server
Some experience with Arduino and possibly some soldering ability is required.

The repo is available here: ... e/
archive link: ... e/