Turn your raspberry pi into an ONVIF IP camera

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Turn your raspberry pi into an ONVIF IP camera

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At the moment, this is just a pointer to a couple of open source projects out there, which allow you to turn any raspberry pi into an ONVIF compliant IP camera.


As the name implies, this project allows you to stream a video source local to your raspberry pi via RTSP. If you use the official Rasp Pi Cam, rather than a USB cam, it is extremely efficient. I have mine set to stream 720p resolution at 5 fps, and peak cpu usage is just 8% on my Raspberry Pi Zero!

The only downside is that you cannot browse for the stream from a remote device. You have to manually enter the rasp pi's ip address and streaming url into the device you are using to watch the stream.


This project picks up where v4l2rtsperver left off. It enables an ONVIF server on your Raspberry Pi so that any ONVIF aware client application can auto-detect the RTSP stream created by v4l2rtspserver.

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