ZM 1.25 diagnostic image streaming and FIFO engine

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ZM 1.25 diagnostic image streaming and FIFO engine

Post by mitch » Sun Apr 15, 2012 2:23 am

Originally a major 1.24 feature from my patch at: ... =9&t=14008
This adds
Better Diagnostic options, now debugging data (including things like how many alarm/filter/rblob/blob pixels are being found in real time) along with delta and reference frames BUT only if there is a client attached to a ZMS instance listening for these things. Otherwise they are skipped over completely. That means even with that debugging turned on there should be virtual no IO or CPU overhead for it unless you have a debug client attached (RECORD_DIAG_IMAGES_FIFO and RECORD_DIAG_IMAGES should both be in Logging settings, again as long as FIFO is enabled this should really add next to no overhead). This allows for real time watching of how ZM is analyzing the image and exactly where you are in comparison to your limits.

my fifo/diag branch is at: ... /fifo_diag
with the current patch at: ... 1802.patch

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