Foscam FI8918W script with presets and IR control

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Re: Foscam FI8918W script with presets and IR control

Post by TylerSchwend » Tue Nov 29, 2011 3:01 pm

It is possible to use the Iris control to control brightness, but I'm not sure how effective it would be.
It seems like a close analogue to the iris function and has some intuitiveness to it. I don't know that I have a use for it in my setup... perhaps I'll play around with it tonight and see if it really even does anything for me.
It is easy enough to change my Up/Down control to use the Focus and leave the Iris free, but the problem is that the Foscam uses a brightness value between 0 and 255, but the ZM control GUI will only detect a limited number of steps. You would have a down arrow that gave you around 10 absolute values between 0 and 127 and another 10 steps on the up arrow between 128 and 255.
I'm sure that'd be fine. If in the script the user could specify a "max" and "min" brightness, you could do some modulus action to make the 20 steps kick around within that limit.
The best work around would be to change the Control GUI and script to provide a slider control. Unfortunately, I've no idea how to do this.
Yeah, and then we'd be out of the realm of a simple control script!
The other way, would be to query the camera to get the brightness value and then change it by in small amounts. If anyone can post a subroutine to read this value then I will incorporate it into my script.
All of the commands these cameras can handle are listed here:

You'd be particularly interested (in this case) in: get_camera_params.cgi
I'll try to get a modified script out during the next week, but as I said, I have my doubts about how practical it will be.
Then don't worry about it. It was just a whimsical suggestion. It sounds like you've thought about it.
Have you resolved your problems with the control scripts not running? If so, please post how you solved it.
I don't remember exactly what I did, and didn't follow up with another post since it wasn't a camera-specific thing. ZM was literally just not calling any scripts. It may or may not have been related to this: ... 21&t=15009

I also found that with the actual FOSCAM camera using the inverted controls (mine is on the ceiling), left and right were wrong. I corrected that in the script. I'll take a look at the changes I made compared to your original script sometime this week.

Do you know the names of all the people so far who have contributed to the script as it exists now?

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