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If you've made a patch to quick fix a bug or to add a new feature not yet in the main tree then post it here so others can try it out.
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New released

Post by jaume85 » Wed Jan 21, 2009 6:39 pm

Hi people,

I have worked to complement with news options: (ZoneMinder released 1.22.3)

• Enabled and Disabled monitors
• Change function monitors (except None)
• Execute filters previously saved.
• Now monitors have identified by Name and not by Id number.

The format of triggers used by is as follows "<name>|<action>|<namefilter>|<score>|<cause>|<text>|<showtext>" where

• 'name' is the name of the ZM monitor. Case sensitive.
• 'action' is 'on', 'off', 'cancel', ‘show’, ‘enable’, ‘disable’, (‘Monitor’, ‘Modect’, ‘Record’ , ‘Mocord’, ‘Nodect’) and ‘filter’ where 'on' forces an alarm condition on, 'off' forces an alarm condition off and 'cancel' negates the previous 'on' or 'off'. The ‘show’ action merely updates some auxiliary text which can optionally be displayed in the images captured by the monitor. Ordinarily you would use 'on' and 'cancel', 'off' would tend to be used to suppress motion based events. Additionally 'on' and 'off' can take an additional time offset, e.g. on+20 which automatically 'cancel's the previous action after that number of seconds. The ‘enable’ monitor is enabled state and ‘disable’ monitor is disabled state. All functions except None (‘Monitor’, ‘Modect’, ‘Record’ , ‘Mocord’, ‘Nodect’) change monitor function. The ‘filter’ execute filter previously saved.
• ‘namefilter’ is the name of filter execute in action ‘filter’. Case sensitive.
• 'score' is the score given to the alarm, usually to indicate it's importance. For 'on' triggers it should be non-zero, otherwise it should be zero.
• 'cause' is a 32 char max string indicating the reason for, or source of the alarm e.g. 'Relay 1 open'. This is saved in the ‘Cause’ field of the event. Ignored for 'off' or 'cancel' messages
• 'text' is a 256 char max additional info field, which is saved in the ‘Description’ field of an event. Ignored for 'off' or 'cancel' messages.
• 'showtext' is up to 32 characters of text that can be displayed in the timestamp that is added to images. The ‘show’ action is designed to update this text without affecting alarms but the text is updated, if present, for any of the actions. This is designed to allow external input to appear on the images captured, for instance temperature or personnel identity etc.

new -->

PD. I don't post code because it's very long

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Post by Normando » Wed Jan 21, 2009 9:19 pm

Good mod jaume, but I have a dude. It is for ZM 1.22.3 or 1.23.3?

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Re: New released

Post by cordel » Wed Jan 21, 2009 9:31 pm

jaume85 wrote: I have worked to complement with news options: (ZoneMinder released 1.22.3)
1.22.3 :wink:

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Post by mrd » Fri Feb 12, 2010 11:06 pm

If this script is still compatible with zm 1.24.2 why not integrate into the next release? It seems very useful.

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