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Body worn camera

Posted: Tue Mar 13, 2018 2:23 am
by enigmamgine
Hello all, I'll start this off with I work for a public safety agency, and unlike most other agencies our shop is almost all Linux, over 200 servers in very geographically diverse locations, and 9 of them... are Windows. Our staff are all Linux geeks, we love this stuff even though sometimes it's hard to find a good solutions. Take the case at hand, we have a mandated need for body worn cameras, staff reactions aside our job as IT is to make it work. Over the past month we've had no fewer than six on site presentations, and several more remote presenters... every single one of them supports a Windows only back end. As noted above my staff and I are geeks, we love this stuff, but admittedly our Windows creds are (ahem) crusty at best with Server 2008 being the most current deployed Windows solution with no plans to upgrade to either 2012 or 2016, rather we have plans to migrate all 8 of those applications to cloud based solutions. We are not necessarily 'anti-windows zealots' we just all developed our skills based upon the platform that best suited the agency and that happened to be Linux.

The other problem we are running into is the body worn solutions with cloud support simply require more bandwidth than we have, so it's necessitating an on prem solution. Some of our locations are nearly as remote as they can get, towns with fewer than 200 people, broadband simply doesn't exist and cell phone service is spotty at best.

So long introduction to ask a simple question, is there any current (or future planned) support for any of the various body worn cameras out there?