(Niche improvement) Have quick access to set PTZ locations for groups of cameras

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(Niche improvement) Have quick access to set PTZ locations for groups of cameras

Post by orionstoy » Sun Feb 18, 2018 8:50 pm

Ok .. dont know how to really describe this so I will just try my best...

Here is a situation:

I have 5 cameras, 3 of which I would like to have 2 distinct views for. I would like to have this ability as a quick clickable link or button on the "Console" window so if I click on say... "zone one" or "button 1" all 3 cameras will move to the location saved in each of the camera's "preset 1", leaving the remaining 2 cameras untouched. If I clicked on "zone two" all 3 cameras would move to the location saved in "preset 2".

I'm sure there is a way to do that now with the API where I could write a script for my raspberry pi or Ubuntu boxes to change the cameras locations but I'm not knowledgeable enough to know even where to start. The best I could do was make links in the console for each of the 3 cameras' respective PTZ controls so I have to click each link then click the Preset 1 or 2 then close the popup.... less steps but still more than I would like .. I would prefer to click on one link and have it set all 3 cameras to the proper location

An additional feature to this setup would be also a way to set a time ... so you can have all 3 out of the 5 cameras go to preset 1 at 8am and then have them all go to preset 2 at 5pm

This is a niche request .. I know... the amount of people using PTZ is probably low ... the amount of people needing the PTZ to move the cameras to two different views is probably even rarer but I think it would be a nice addition...

If anyone can or has figured out a way to use the API to do something like this and would like to share the code or script.. something I could run remotely on the raspberry pi .. or locally on the Ubuntu server that Zoneminder is running on ... its something I would really like to play around with. With a script or something .. I could easily set up a shortcut to do this in one step .. and even use cron to do the time feature

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