Montage view scale.

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Montage view scale.

Post by kkrofft » Sun Mar 23, 2014 4:51 pm

Using 1.27, default scale seems to work on a per camera basis but does not effect Montage.
Also, when I select a monitor to view the page that displays is scaled to handle the full size image even though the displayed view is scaled down.

Could we have a config option in the monitor set up "Montage Scale" that would allow defining the desired scale or view size? My experience in wep pages dose not go much beyond simple html with a taste of php
but I am familiar with setting an image size in an html string to display a photo at any desired size regardless of the image file size. This would be fantastic and even better by separating the montage scale from the default scale, the user could decide what scale the image would be when the montage image is clicked on and the single view window spawns.

I would be happy to beta test such changes.

Thanks for such a killer application!

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