Frame Page/Popup UI Improvements

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Frame Page/Popup UI Improvements

Post by ooglek » Fri Sep 18, 2009 3:33 am

The Frame UI might be underused, but it looks like a great tool to help tweak Alarmed Pixel settings.

A few options would be nice here.
  1. Better, bigger buttons rather than text labels. Though I can increase the font size, and FF will remember, buttons would be easier to click. Model them after the buttons on the Video Player window, FTW.
  2. Keyboard shortcuts for First/Prev/Next/Last. I know browser-based keyboard shortcuts work in Google's Gmail and on PHP's site (try CTRL-S to focus the search textbos). Some keyboard shortcuts to jump around would be sweet. j = Next, k = Prev, h = First, l = last (VIM keys ;-) ) or arrow keys (down = next, up = prev, left = first, right = last).
  3. Option to display Stats on the Frame Window. Make the setting either in the config or as a user preference/checkbox on the Frame page. Saves an extra click on each frame so you don't have to click "Stats" as you are watching each frame. An alternative is to update the Stats window each time you change the Frame, but I'd rather see it on the same page, with the Stats window as a secondary method to access that information.
  4. Option to overlay current zones on the frame. Helps with debugging how many alarmed pixels there are.

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Re: Frame Page/Popup UI Improvements

Post by Smart » Wed Mar 07, 2018 1:54 am

There is one keyboard shortcut that’s a huge help. The spacebar is basically programmed for whatever button you last clicked on. That comes in very handy when reviewing events where you don’t have to sit there with the mouse clicking next for events that you want to skip. So you click it once, and then use the spacebar to click it.

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