Run state in console, clickable montage view

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Run state in console, clickable montage view

Post by haus » Wed May 21, 2008 3:53 pm

Couple quick things would be nice:

1. Show the current run-state at the top of the console. For example:

ZoneMinder Console - Running - MyModeName

and the generally-irrelevant version information could be moved somewhere else and placed in very font size. End users don't care what version they are running; they want it to "Just Work".

2. I modified my zm_html_view_montagefeed.php to allow a montage image to be clicked on, revealing the monitor watch window (this is really useful if you shrink your montage thumbnails as I do, though still useful if you just want to quickly jump to the event list for a monitor) - would be great to have that fairly simple code added to a future version.

At line 69:

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function newWindow(Url,Name,Width,Height)
	var Name =,Name,"resizable,width="+Width+",height="+Height);
Then just before the stream is shown, line 103:

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echo('<a href="javascript:newWindow(\''.$PHP_SELF.'?view=watch&mid='.$monitor['Id'].'\',\'\')">');

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Post by ammaross » Mon Jun 02, 2008 6:08 pm

There's a potential sizing problem that is addressed by this similar posting. ... highlight=

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