Turn Off The GUI UI When Cycling Views

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Turn Off The GUI UI When Cycling Views

Post by valid-user » Sun May 09, 2021 6:15 pm

In 1.30 (dfsg something) version of Zoneminder...when watching a cycling view of 3 monitors I was NEVER pestered by the GUI stealing screen real estate. I could run that 24x7 on an Intel D2550 CPU at 1.86 GHz and never 'hang' the PC.

Zoneminder 1.34 as found in the Devuan repo...when watching the same cycling view of 3 monitors I lose about 2.5 inches of vertical screen real estate to GUI UI in a web browser viewing area of about 9.5 inches vertical viewing area. On the same PC mentioned above I cannot even get cycling to start.

Available screen width in both cases is the full amount available on an Asus 23 inch 1920x1080 display.

Previously I would use a Mozilla web extension called "WE Zoom" (? I think) to zoom the view by 125% to achieve an almost full screen view of the cycling image in ZM 1.30+dfsg. That is NICE! I can easily see that from 10 feet away.

Now in ZM 1.34 using the exact same web extension I have to reduce the zoom to about 110%, assuming the web browser does not 'hang' trying to display the ZM web UI. That 110% view means the screen width is not fully utilized; about 3 inches unused on either side of the image.

I use a 23 inch 1920x1080 Asus 5msec monitor so I don't have to sit right in front of my ZM screen.

Feature Request -->> Turn off the ZM web UI elements when viewing in the cycling view, as in ZM 1.30+dfsg

For what it's worth - The new ZM web UI is a total tortise (dead slow to dead stop most of the time) when used on an Intel D2550 1.86GHz CPU. It cannot run the cycle view from ZM 1.3.4; the system just sits and "eats" the CPU. The same PC could run cycling on ZM 1.30+dfsg where it was "a real go-er". Running a cycling view is all I do on that PC, so I use a highly stripped down version of Devuan; remove all unwanted & un-needed packages combined with a light desktop like LXDE or XFCE.

And how did I watch cycling in ZM 1.30+dfsg? I watched the ZM web GUI and noticed the ZM URL on my ZM server that was requested from the server. Perhaps ZM 1.34 does not want us digging deep into it's URLs to pull out these views that bypass the ZM web GUI since I have seen that URL has changed.

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Re: Turn Off The GUI UI When Cycling Views

Post by iconnor » Mon May 10, 2021 11:44 am

Urls have not changed. headers can be turned off. You are years late to this party you will have to use search to find the discussions about it.

There is something wrong with your setup. 1.34 should perform better than 1.30 for all use cases.

It has been several years since 1.34 was released. No one else is having your problems. Dig deeper.

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