MQTT & NodeRed support

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MQTT & NodeRed support

Post by bradmck » Wed Sep 12, 2018 10:17 pm


I listened to a couple of the devs on FLOSS Weekly (Andrew and Isaac I believe) and talk about integration with other systems came up. They were asked about integrating with other security systems, etc and one of the devs stated that they'd love to have more integration with things down the road. MQTT and NodeRed both came to mind as an easy(ish) ways to be able to increase integration possibilities. In fact someone would just write a NodeRed "Node" to be able to talk to the ZM API - or maybe your event engine? Granted MQTT would take some work on the ZM side but MQTT has libraries available for pretty much all languages and is very lightweight. I don't have the knowledge to code anything up to help but thought it was worth mentioning given the talk on the podcast.

And one of the devs mentioned HomeAssistant thinking they were using the API, and yes, it is HomeAssistant that someone built a "Component" for ZoneMinder for. I don't know what it's doing under the hood but you had the right name.

Also - congrats on the new release!

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