higher framerate, also using in-camera motion flag/2 step motion flagging?

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higher framerate, also using in-camera motion flag/2 step motion flagging?

Post by diesel » Sun Jun 18, 2017 3:48 am

Hi again, if this is something already different please forgive me as I haven't taken notes on Zoneminder in awhile, i'm just posting as of things that I understood in the past.

I'm aware Zoneminder is intended for lower frame rate capture, but will there ever be a way to record streams of higher framerate video once triggered? Like if you have a camera that hardware encodes h264 could you just store that efficient data as a full framerate motion stream once the motion is triggered...

I've been slowly reading about CCTV and video security topics and one thing that is said is you need different framerates for different uses. Like to actually capture forensic video of multiple people carrying out say vandalism, low framerate may not be enough to be clear which person of a group threw something.

Related to this, i'm wondering whether on-board (perhaps or often more primitive) motion flagging might be used alongside what zoneminder does? I remember when last reading into zoneminder (and taking old notes on it) that it would use like 1ghz cpu per camera analysis which seems like a fair bit of power hungry cpu wattage to always be on if you have something like a 16 camera system... modern lower power hardware might let you flag motion right in the camera, esp with more modern security DVR's, but might not be as precise as you want. Perhaps some way to combine the two? Like having the first look for maybe gross motion to be triggered... or having zoneminder "second guess" the camera to detect what might be very slow motion like someone trying to blend into the background moving very slowly into and across the frame. Where you might have different settings for operating in harmony with what the camera does, than trying to do itself.

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