Q: inplace upgrade path

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Q: inplace upgrade path

Post by inoculator » Wed Jan 03, 2018 8:05 pm

Hi all,

I have searched the forum and asked the "all-knowing, all-seeing Trash Heap" but I couldn't find anything fullfilling my needs.
So I ask You. ;-)

I have a Banana PI running a Debian 7/Wheezy and a zoneminder 1.25.0
As I do have some small issues (eg: not working streaming URL) I would first like to try an inplace upgrade to a fully supported version.

Now my questions:
Which zm release is supported under D7(Wheezy)?
Is there an instruction for an inplace upgrade starting with 1.25.0 to that version?

If I need to update to D8(Jessy), does this OS upgrade impact the 1.25.0 version?


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