ZM in DebianDog and XenialDog OS's

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ZM in DebianDog and XenialDog OS's

Post by rockedge » Sat Sep 09, 2017 9:57 pm

I have installed ZM 1.30.4 on a DebianDog OS. Entire OS and a running ZM with 1 local camera and 1 network camera in 265 megs of RAM. It is a frugal install with a save folder saving all events to a internal HDD.

Another minimal OS, XenialDog is set up in a similar fashion. ZoneMinder is very easy to install in both operating systems since both use apt,apt-get and the synaptic package manager and it is possible to directly copy and paste the commands from : ... e_easy_way
or ... e_Easy_Way

both OS's with ZM run in 265-310 megs of RAM

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