Installing Zoneminder on Centos with PHP > 5.4

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Installing Zoneminder on Centos with PHP > 5.4

Post by rallisf1 » Tue May 30, 2017 8:56 am


I am building a small office server for survailance, storage management and asterisk pbx. The storage management i installed (nextcloud) needed php >= 5.6 which when i installed replaced original php 5.4 and also deleted zoneminder as it had a dependency on php 5.4 (i am using zmrepo el7 package).

Obviously trying to reinstall zoneminder complained about php dependencies missing. I know php 5.6 doesn't have so many differences from 5.4 when you upgrade (downgrade is another issue), meaning there should not be any major problems with zoneminder running on php 5.6, anything minor i can resolve on my own.

Regarding the above i used the following command to strip the zoneminder package of its dependencies (i first made sure that they were already installed, zoneminder doesn't only need php, it needs ffmpeg, vlc, perl etc)

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rpm -Uvh --nodeps $(repoquery --location zoneminder)
If this occurs to you on your first install (i was lucky enough to have zoneminder running on php 5.4 before the php upgrade) you will need to install all the dependencies manually before zoneminder. To get the list of zoneminder dependencies use the following command:

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repoquery --requires zoneminder
I just wanted to share my experience in case someone else faces the same problem. The method above can also be used on RHEL 6/7 and Centos 6. Another solution would be to have the different apps you need to run in docker containers and use a proxy to setup vhosts.

FYI my setup is: Centos 7, Ombutel/Asterisk, Nextcloud, Zoneminder (all latest versions during May 2017), running on an old HP tower server with 2xQC Xeon, 16GB RAM and 2x3TB in RAID1

It should be fine with the load: [ZM] 10 IP cams recording @720p (only 2 continuous, rest on motion), [Asterisk] 6 phone extensions with 2 simultaneous calls, and 4 users on nextcloud w/o encryption

P.S. After i am done with the whole configuration i'm gonna backup and try php7, see if i can get that performance benefit.

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